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Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Sakatchewan Group – S Saskatchewan


The distribution of potential hydrocarbon source rocks within the Saskatchewan Group has been largely unknown. Recent geochemical work has indicated that several regions on the Canadian side of the Williston basin could have enhanced thermal maturity corresponding to elevated heat anomalies. Consequently the delineation of potential source intervals and their relative thermal maturity could have important implications for locally sourced hydrocarbons. This framework study provides an understanding of the distribution and maturity of potential source rocks in the Saskatchewan Group of the Williston Basin.

The Upper Devonian Saskatchewan Group is composed of a number of shoaling upward carbonate/evaporite sequences deposited in a shallow epeiric seaway extending throughout the Williston Basin. The Saskatchewan Group is composed of, in ascending order, the Duperow and Birdbear Formations. The Duperow Formation is sub dividable into 4 recognizable units and each unit is composed of several shoaling upward cycles that contain laterally extensive carbonates and evaporites. Overall the Duperow thins towards the southeast with localized thickening due to salt solution within the underlying Middle Devonian Prairie Evaporite. The overlying Birdbear Formation is subdivided into 2 units, a lower open marine carbonate-rich member and an upper restricted anhydrite-rich member. Thickness of the individual members in the Birdbear can vary considerably but total thickness of the formation remains relatively constant. Overall the Birdbear Formation thickens towards the northwest into the Alberta Basin where it is characterized by open marine deposits. In the southern and eastern portions of the Williston Basin, thinner more restricted deposits characterize the Birdbear Formation.

The study area is located in southern Saskatchewan from Townships 1 to 20 between Ranges 30W1 and 18W3. As a framework study, 40 wells penetrating the Devonian Duperow and Birdbear Formations were selected for use in the study, based upon location, quality of logs, depth of penetration and availability of cored sections.


Product – Two Volume Report

  • fully illustrated text (58 pages, including 24 colour and B&W figures and plates) documenting stratigraphy, depositional setting, facies, source rock intervals, source rock distribution, source rock maturation, and core descriptions;
  • 6 regional stratigraphic cross sections;
  • 6 figure scale maps (isopach, distribution, & heat flow);
  • core descriptions from 27 wells with internally consistent correlations;
  • geochemical analyses of 9 wells.

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