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Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential, Pekisko Formation – Peace River Arch


The Mississippian of north west Alberta and north east B.C. comprises a thick sequence of interbedded carbonates and shales. It represents deposition in a variety of environments ranging from deep water basin to shallow ramp grainstones. One such shallow ramp grainstone sequence is the Pekisko Formation. As the basin filled, shallow water crinoidal and bryzoan ramp carbonates prograded into the area. This progradation was terminated by a rapid rise in sea level that left a wide embayment beyond the Pekisko shelf edge and seaward of this shelf are a number of isolate carbonate buildups, up to 90 metres in thickness.

This study is a comprehensive stratigraphic and geochemical analysis of the Banff and Pekisko formations along the margins of the Peace River Embayment. Emphasis is placed on mapping the distribution and thermal maturation levels of source rock for the study area, and by combining geochemical analysis of potential source laminates with a stratigraphic and facies framework, a number of pinnacle buildup areas are high-graded for hydrocarbon potential.

The study roughly encompasses an area from Township 77 to 100, between Ranges 10W5 and 25W6 (over 780 townships and over 76,000 square kilometres). At the time of the study over 1875 wells penetrated the Pekisko in the study area, of these 650 were selected as study wells and 18 cored intervals were logged.


Product – Four Volume Report

  • fully illustrated text (126 pages, 69 figures & 5 colour plates) documenting stratigraphy, depositional setting & facies, geologic evolution, geochemistry, exploration potential, core descriptions and database;
  • 10 regional stratigraphic cross sections;
  • 1 regional stratigraphic cross section illustrating source intervals across the basin;
  • 6 maps including isopach & exploration potential at 1:250,000 and 1:500,000 scales;
  • stratigraphic picks for the Pekisko Fm. (Carbonate Unit & Seal Mbr.), Banff Fm., and Wabamun Grp.;
  • 650 well database available in digital and hardcopy formats;
  • 18 well core descriptions with internally consistent correlations;
  • 19 geochemical samples analyses;
  • 1 oil analysis.

Pekisko Peace River Arch Study Update – Completed 1998

  • Update Area: Township 78 to 80 between Ranges 22W5 and 26W5
  • Short Update Text
  • Oil Analysis
  • 6 New/Updated Cross Sections
  • 6 New/Updated Maps

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