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Strachan Reef Reservoir Study – Leduc Formation D3A & D3B Pools, SW Alberta


The Strachan Field lies within Townships 37 and 38 between Ranges 9W5 and 10W5 and produces from dolomites and limestones of the Upper Devonian Leduc Formation. The field was discovered in 1968 using common depth point seismic after drilling of partial Leduc buildups had sparked interest in the area.

This study provides an understanding of the relationship between dolomitization, depositional facies and gas production in the Strachan Leduc D3A and D3B pools and addresses the exploration potential of the surrounding areas, particularly at the Leduc level. The study area is located in the subsurface of south western Alberta where the Leduc Formation comprises thick isolate reefal buildups (Leduc Formation) and platforms (Cooking Lake Formation) in an open marine basin of considerable bathymetric relief. These carbonate units sit on the areally extensive Beaverhill Lake platform and represent aggradational reef growth concomitant with drowning of the Swan Hills complex further to the north.

At the time of the study, a total of 32 wells penetrated the Leduc Formation within the study area. Cored intervals from 11 wells (485 metres) were described at the AEUB Core Research Centre for this study. In addition, drill cuttings from an additional 7 wells were examined to further determine patterns of dolomitization.



  • Study Flyer: Leduc Strachan
  • comprehensive text (32 pages, plus 15 figures and 7 colour plates) documenting stratigraphy, regional setting, geologic facies, diagenesis, reserves & production and core descriptions;
  • 4 stratigraphic cross sections;
  • 4 structural cross sections;
  • 5 maps (isopach, structure, production & lithofacies) at 1:250,000 scale;
  • core descriptions from 11 wells with internally consistent correlations;
  • 7 drill cutting examination results.

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