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Hydrocarbon Potential of the Triassic Northeast British Columbia


The Triassic section of northeast British Columbia comprises an under exploited sequence that has significant exploration potential. The stratigraphic complexity of the section necessitates detailed stratigraphic analysis for successful exploration. Seismic analysis of the section alone is generally incapable of resolving the stratigraphic complexities observed and is limited in its ability to define the exploration targets. The stratigraphic complexities observed are directly related to the many unconformity surfaces that characterize the Triassic section. At least seven erosional events are recognized within the Triassic section in northeastern British Columbia, and the overall effect of these is to remove section towards the northeast as unconformities converge.

The study area is located in northeast British Columbia and encompasses an area of approximately 19,400 square kilometres from the S.E. corner of Township 86 Range 13W6 to the N.W. corner of 94-H-4. A data base of 1773 wells and core from 199 wells (over 3400 metres) was used to interpret the stratigraphic relationships within the study interval. The result is a comprehensive understanding of the stratigraphy, depositional units and exploration potential of the Doig, Halfway and Charlie Lake formations. It evaluates and extends all presently known play-types as well as contributes to a better understanding of future and potential play areas.



The study area includes the Boundary Lake, Siphon, Oak, Squirrel, Stoddart, Red Crk. North, Halfway, Inga, Inga North, Cache Crk., Rigel, Silverberry, Current, Beavertail, Crush, Wolf, Beaverdam, Peejay, Osprey, Buick Crk. West, Birch, Nig Crk., Weasel, Wildmint, Drake, Milligan Crk., Milligan Crk. West and Pickell fields:

  • fully illustrated 5 volume report documenting stratigraphy, depositional facies, geologic evolution, play types and exploration potential, core descriptions, and database;
  • 11 regional and field cross sections;
  • 22 maps showing isopach, structure, net sand and hydrocarbon potential of each unit;
  • stratigraphic picks and isopach values from Top Charlie Lake Fm. to Top Montney Fm., including Charlie Lake Fm. (Upper, Boundary & Lower Mbrs.), Halfway Fm. (Fluvial & Shoreline Units), Doig Fm. (F, E, D, C, B & A Units), Montney Fm.;
  • 1773 well database available in digital and hardcopy formats;
  • 199 core descriptions (3,400 metres) with internally consistent correlations;
  • high-graded play-types (incised valley, up-dip erosional truncation, incised fluvial system, tidal inlet, stratigraphic facies pinch-out, structural).

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