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Geological Evaluation of Reservoir Compartmentalization, Halfway Formation – Wembley ‘B’ Gas Unit, West Central Alberta


In this study the Halfway Formation was evaluated for potential breaks and compartmentalization of the Wembley ‘B’ Gas Unit and to provide stratigraphic explanations for this apparent reservoir compartmentalization. The use of pressure data and tracer information was incorporated to support the interpretation of stratigraphic breaks and compartmentalization within the the study area.

The study area is located in West Central Alberta from Township 72 to 73 between Ranges 7W6 and 9W6.



  • 19 page report (12 figures & tables) documenting stratigraphy, net pay, pressure & tracer data and reservoir compartmentalization;
    summary table Wembley Halfway ‘B’ pressure data;
  • summary table tracer breakthrough data;
  • summary table production well breakthrough;
  • 7 maps (figure size) showing: potential reservoir breaks; net pay isopach of Halfway Unit ‘B’ sandstone; net pay isopach of Halfway Unit ‘D’; Charlie Lake Marker structure; tracer pathways & speed of movement; tracer pathways, well pressure & perf zone by unit; and summary of potential breaks in Wembley Gas Unit.
  • 1 cross section (figure size) showing potential stratigraphic and diagenetic breaks & postulated tracer pathways;