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Geologic Reservoir Study of the Leduc and Nisku Strata – Simonette D-3 Pool, W Central Alberta


The Simonette Leduc D-3 pool located in Township 62 and 63, Range 25 and 26, W5M was discovered in October 1958 by the drilling of the Shell Petrol Explorers Simonette 12-9-63-25-W5 well. It occurs within the north eastern updip “nose” of a large reef complex that is up to 250 + metres in thickness.

This study was undertaken to provide a geologic reservoir description of the Simonette Leduc D-3 pool in west central Alberta. Attention was focussed primarily on the Leduc interval, however enclosing strata were also examined in order to further understand depositional patterns and their evolution through time. Of significance, the uppermost portions of the Leduc Formation in the Simonette pool were found to equate to Nisku sedimentation further bankward (south west).

The onset of Leduc sedimentation was initiated by an increase in the rate of relative sea level rise that isolated carbonate growth to a regional bank-reef complex (Simonette) and outlying pinnacles. The Leduc varies in thickness from nearly 350 metres in the west to 220 metres at the extreme north east of the main reef. Outlying pinnacles reach thicknesses of generally around 70 metres with the maximum thickness being 136 metres (D3-C pool). This thickness variation from north east to south west is due to the progressively “backstepping” style of Leduc reef growth through time.

The study utilized a database of 63 wells (19 stratigraphic picks), and cored intervals from 16 wells (over 500 metres) were described at the AEUB Core Research Centre.


Product – 5 Volume report

  • fully illustrated text (33 pages, plus 27 figures and 7 colour plates) documenting stratigraphy, depositional facies, geologic evolution, development opportunities, core descriptions, and database;
  • additional 34 page supplemental Simonette D-3 Reserve Study section;
  • 8 stratigraphic cross sections;
  • 19 maps, including isopach, gross porous interval, and structure at 1:25,000 scale;
  • 63 well database with 19 stratigraphic picks from Top Wabamun Grp. to Top Elk Point Fm., and includes gross porous unit values, net pay values, porosity values and oil/water contact values;
  • core descriptions for 16 cored wells with internally consistent correlations;

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