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Geologic and Hydrodynamic Evaluation of the Kiskatinaw Formation – West Central Alberta and NE British Columbia


The study was a joint SCG Ltd. and Hydro-Fax Resources Ltd. geologic and hydrodynamic evaluation of the Kiskatinaw Formation. The study provides a detailed, internally consistent stratigraphic, depositional, diagenetic and hydrodynamic evaluation of each cycle within the Kiskatinaw Formation. Prospective exploration areas are high-graded for porosity and play type development, as well as to evaluate the plumbing of hydrocarbons throughout the system.

The study encompasses an area from Township 70 to 86, between Ranges 1W6 and 21W6 (over 290 townships). At the time of the study 1246 wells penetrated the Kiskatinaw in the study area, all of which are designated as study wells, and 202 wells with cored intervals were logged at the AEUB Core Research Centre.


Product – Five Volume Report

  • fully illustrated text (97 pages plus 96 figures & plates) documenting stratigraphy, depositional setting, hydrodynamic system, play types, core descriptions, database, thin section description (petrographic), DST & water analysis and oil/condensate densities;
  • 9 regional stratigraphic and 11 field structural & stratigraphic cross sections;
  • full suite of maps at 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 scales including: 2 formation isopach maps; 8 sandstone/porosity maps; 5 structure maps; DST recovery map; 2 pressure system maps; potentiometric surface map; oil gravity & water chemistry map; exploration potential maps, fields & pools map;
  • stratigraphic picks and isopach values from Base Montney Fm. to Top Debolt Fm., including Taylor Flat Fm., Kiskatinaw Fm. (9 Internal Units K0 – K8), and Golata Fm.;
  • play types (stratigraphic facies pinchout, diagenetic porosity pinchout, subcrop beneath unconformity, structural traps)
    1,246 well database available in digital and hardcopy formats;
  • 202 core descriptions (3,250 metres) with internally consistent correlations;
  • 54 thin sections & petrographic analyses
  • 399 DST & 43 AOF/Static Gradient analyses;
  • 152 water analyses (cation/anion/stiff diagrams);
  • 40 oil/condensate densities (<30 to >60 API).

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