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International & East Coast

International Studies

  • 2010 Carbonate Core Description - Oligocene Section Kurdamir 1, Northern Iraq
  • 2008 Consulting Offshore Cuba for ONGC Videsh
  • 2006-2008 Tertiary And Cretaceous Carbonate Core Descriptions, Oudeh and Tishrine Fields - Syria
  • 2003 Review of Isis Field, Offshore Tunisia.
  • 2003 Team Member, Saudi Arabia 2003 Upstream Gas Offering.
  • 2002 Arab 'D' Member, Idd El Shargi Field, Offshore Qatar.
  • 2001 Triassic Reef Project, Northern Israel (Ma'anit-Har Amir).
  • 2000 Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Cretaceous – Tertiary carbonate section, Musandam Peninsula, Oman.
  • 1998-99 Detailed Facies and Reservoir Study of the Miocene Carbonates of the Issaran Field, Egypt.
  • 1997 Geological Study of the Tertiary (Miocene-Oligocene) Reservoir Section of the Hamrin Field, Iraq.
  • 1994 Exploration Evaluation of Alto Parana Block, Eastern Paraguay.
  • 1993 Exploration Evaluation of Cretaceous – Tertiary section in the Republic of Yemen.
  • 1992-93 Evaluation of Miocene (Nido) carbonate, offshore Palawan Island, Philippines.
  • 1992 Various projects for international oil companies in the Tertiary section of the Middle Indus area of Pakistan.
  • 1992 Stratigraphic Evaluation of Tertiary sediments of Central Myanmar (Burma).
  • 1992 Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of the Reed Bank Area, Philippines.
  • 1991 Regional Geological Evaluation of the Paleozoic section of south east Algeria (Tinrhert Block).
  • 1991 Regional Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Potential of Pakistan.
  • 1990 Results of Masetlheng Pan-1 well in Nosop-Ncojane Basin of Botswana.
  • 1990 Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Sirhan "A" Area follow-up report.
  • 1989 Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Exploration potential of the Sirhan "A" Area (Paleozoic section).
  • 1988-89 Seismic Stratigraphic Study of the Onshore Morondava Basin, West Madagascar (Mesozoic section).
  • 1987 Regional Prospectivity Analysis of Belize, Central America (Mesozoic section).
  • 1986-87 Regional Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of the Punta del Este Basin, Offshore Uruguay, South America (Mesozoic section).

East Coast Studies

  • Geologic Assessment of the Maritimes Basin in Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick