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Product Overview

Stone Code Hub – provides easy linkage to a digital database library of SCG Ltd. core descriptions. The product is a development of the Stone Code Geoware software previously offered by SCG Ltd.

The database is the result of over 30 years of SCG geological consulting and project work within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. A large proportion of the core descriptions within this database are part of larger regional, field and pool studies that incorporate core description information into mapping and cross sections and lead to a more detailed interpretation of various geological plays.

The library comprises more than 11,000 logging events from cores stored at the AER Core Research Facility in Calgary, the BC Core Storage Facility in Charlie Lake, and the Saskatchewan Core Storage Facility in Regina. SCG intends to add new core descriptions to this data base as they become available.

Each carbonate description usually includes a detailed description of sedimentary structures, diagenesis, fauna, porosity, lithology/rock texture, matrix, contacts, bedding types, colour and stratigraphic picks.

Each clastic description usually includes a detailed description of facies rock type, grain size, composition, matrix composition, sedimentary structures, colour, porosity and stratigraphic picks.

Descriptions are correlated to field scale logs, depth adjusted to the log signature and with a graphic plot of core analysis porosity where available.

User Interface: Stone Code Hub is designed to work on most popular browsers and requires no local software installation. The user is required to enter as much location information as is known about the Target Well(s) to trigger a shortlist of wells. Wells are presented in a simple window for selection based on UWI, Interval described and Formation.

Upon completion of selection the user is presented a confirmation/information page and a simple e-mail is sent to SCG Ltd. Upon receipt SCG Ltd will return the appropriate .pdf files as quickly as possible.


Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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