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Modern Carbonates Course – Bahamas

Dates: By Request

Location: Bahamas

Workshop Fee: TBA

Course Overview

This field based course focuses on modern analogues to the Mississippian (Pekisko to Turner Valley) section of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Delegates will view carbonate depositional environments in a modern setting, emphasizing spatial variability and resultant reservoir parameters. Emphasis will be placed on the controls on facies geometry, extent, trend and the development of reservoir quality in carbonate sediments. Delegates will learn about the modified depositional ramp model with exposure to mobile carbonate sand (oolite) shoals, intershoal, lagoonal and tidal flat environments. Ancient analogues will be illustrated through the use of poster boards in the field and evening lectures.


Delegates will be responsible for their own air travel from Calgary to Georgetown, Great Exuma. We will arrange land and boat taxi to Lee Stocking Island. The next 5 days will be spent at the Research Station on the island. Accommodation will be shared (bunk beds) with work undertaken from small boats. The exact order of stops will be adjusted to conform to prevailing weather and tide conditions. On the final day we will arrange boat and taxi back to Georgetown in time to catch the Outgoing flight to the mainland.


The course will be taught by Frank Stoakes of SCG Ltd.

Pre-Course Meeting

A pre-course meeting will be held one month prior to the course. The purpose of the meeting is to familiarize participants wth the schedule. At this meeting a complete list of equipment and clothing required will be provided.

Course Costs

Please enquire for current pricing information. Tuition covers all meals and accommodation on Lee Stocking Island, boat charters, and taxi costs. Delegates are responsible for airfare Calgary-Georgetown return and miscellaneous expenses (refreshments, departure taxes, souvenirs, etc.). All Delegates must provide their own snorkeling equipment.

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