Stoakes Consulting Group Ltd

Suite 402, 103 - 10th Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2M 0B4
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Company Profile

Stoakes Consulting Group Ltd. (SCG) is a geological consulting firm incorporated in 1986 offering professional and technical services to the energy industry. Our strength lies in our ability to successfully bridge the gap between innovative scientific research and the concrete needs of exploration and development programs. The common objective of our highly trained staff is to provide accurate scientific data, interpretations and models to the petroleum explorationist to enable them to make sound judgments and decisions in implementing their programs.

SCG has a proven track record of successfully undertaking and completing, in a timely fashion, various types of studies from detailed reservoir studies to major regional geologic projects, both domestically and internationally. This work and its accompanying documentation has consistently been completed on time and within budget and has been widely accepted by industry for its scientific content, thoroughness and applicability to exploration and development programs. To date, we have successfully applied our specialized skills and techniques to over 60 major regional studies in Western Canada, as well as over 20 international projects. Five of these studies were detailed reservoir studies. SCG also has the proven ability to successfully undertake and manage multidisciplinary studies that utilized various associated companies.

SCG offers technical training on an industry-wide and single company basis. Our Ancient Carbonate Course has been given over 50 times and is considered an industry standard. We also offer Modern field courses to Florida and the Bahamas (run on 16 previous occasions), and to Belize, Central America (run on 23 previous occasions).