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About Us

29 Years Providing Geological Support to the Oil and Gas Industry

Stoakes Consulting Group Ltd. (SCG) is a geological consulting firm offering professional and technical services to the energy industry. SCG has available for sale more than 60 regional exploration studies, as well as more than 100 detailed field studies within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Since 1998 SCG has undertaken more thanĀ 50 studies for regionalĀ acid gas disposal and/or water disposal projects. Since 1986 SCG has worked on more than 20 international projects and studies in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. SCG offers courses on Ancient Carbonates (Calgary), Modern Carbonates (Florida/Bahamas & Belize, Central America ) and Modern Clastics (Modern Clastics-South Carolina) on an industry-wide and single company basis. Stone Code Hub is an on-line searchable index covering more than 11,000 SCG Core Descriptions, most correlated to well logs and core analysis porosity plots